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RIBA USA - Building A Sustainable World: Life in the Balance
Start Date 31/12/2006
End Date 01/02/2007
Location Worldwide
Country United States
Description The Royal Institute of British Architects - USA announces a new international competition "Building A Sustainable World: Life in the Balance".

An open competition to design a maximally sustainable community addressing our Global Warming Crisis.

The goal of the competition is to directly and immediately address the impending and current environmental problems upon us. Winner's works will become models for us to learn from and use as blueprints to actually rebuild our ailing communities and to be as prepared as possible to deal with extreme weather conditions. The competition will also become a foundation for continuing education and research. Over $20,000.00 in prizes.

Currently accepting entries. Closing date for registration, December 31, 2006. Closing date for acceptance of entries February 1, 2007.

For details and official entry form go to:

Contact: Tim Clark
Email: tc@anet.net
Ph: (213) 880-3309
Founding President

URL www.riba-usa.org/Competitions/index.htm