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DiverseCity Snowball Exhibition - Manchester
Start Date 23/11/2006
End Date 28/11/2006
Location Manchester 
Country United Kingdom 
Description The exhibition is designed to celebrate the diversity of architects in the host locality. It will showcase the range and quality of designs and completed projects by a selection of women, minority or under-represented but qualified professionals who are active in the domain of architecture.

The exhibition began with the London DiverseCity exhibition which opened at RIBA in September 2003 with a preview in Luxembourg that same month. It was compiled by Architects for Change, the equality forum of the RIBA.

As the Exhibition moves from place to place it will acquire additional panels from each place. This growing exhibition is called “The Global Snowball of DiverseCity.” Which is currently hold at Birmingham. It has traveled to a number of cities around the globe i.e. Sydney, Beijing, Chicago, New York, Dublin and to 6 venues in the UK.

The exhibition is divided into two sections. ‘Qualified Architects and Designers’ and 'Movers and Shakers'. The latter covers organisations, committees, support groups and some individuals who actively promote diversity ensuring that the profession becomes as inclusive as possible.

The exhibition panels are designed to educate and encourage others who are either entering into the architectural profession or already in it. The panels have a particularly powerful message for women and minorities.

Central to the content of the exhibition is the contribution of women and ethnic minority architects. Their personal statements and reflections on architecture allow us to hear voices rarely heard, comprehend new experiences, and be presented with alternative perspectives on architecture.

The overarching aim of DiverseCity is to sensitise the viewer to the issues surrounding the lack of diversity in architecture – a complex and deep seated problem. The exhibition is offered as an inspirational and informative introduction to groups and individuals who are calling for the transformation of architecture into a modern profession that truly embraces diversity.

Entrants should be either:
Architects, Architectural designers, Graduates

Or: A woman or minority “mover or shaker” who is actively promoting diversity in the filed of architecture, the consequence of which is that women or minorities get to have their work seen or better appreciated.

The decision of the organisers as to whether an individual is eligible will be final and binding although every effort will be made to accommodate any reasonable case. The organisers will endeavour to show all submitted panels but space limitations mean that, though unlikely, it cannot be guaranteed that all panels will be included. The decision on which panels go forward to the international touring exhibition will be made by Manchester’s Young Practitioner’s in Architecture.

Preparing a Panel
Only 1xA1 panel per person (can be shared) or practice can be submitted. The aim is to highlight an individual author/designer/architect to inspire and mentor others. Each submission has to focus on the work of the named individual entrant(s).

Illustrative Material
1. The project(s) illustrated must be authored by the eligible entrant.
2. Projects can be built or unrealised, or journalistic in nature.
3. Illustrations can be sketches, renderings, photographs and drawings.
4. The focus, content or orientation must be ‘architecture of quality.
5. Minimum image size for a project is 10cm x 10cm with a minimum of 3 images.

Written Material
Please look at the website This will give you a flavour of the exhibition before writing your text. The text should contain the following description of yourself and can include a reference photograph of yourself (which can be smaller than 10cmx10cm).

Not necessarily in this order:
1. Where you come from and where you were educated/trained.
2. Academic/professional bodies/boards/committees that you have been appointed to/are a member of.
3. A brief history of your career.
4. Your initial goals when you studied architecture.
5. Cultural and life experiences or events that affected you and your designs.
6. How do mentors/role models/support groups affect your work.
7. Diversity’s influence on what and how you design.
8. What aspects of multi-cultural city life motivate or inspire you?
9. Your advice to someone who wants to become an architect.

It may be useful to include a couple of sub-headings within the text such as:

How does diversity reveal itself in your work? What advice would you give to someone wishing to become an architect? How does working in a multicultural city inspire you? etc

Layout requirements:
• Use Arial font in black on white
Each submission should have a CD of supporting files. Illustrations should be individually saved in jpeg or similar format at 300dpi. Text should be in MS word. These formats are needed for publicity, and web matters.

All images and projects must have been cleared for copyright or moral rights purpose. The Institute cannot accept any responsibility for any claims or liabilities that arise out of failure to address these issues. Any submission is on the understanding that if any rights are infringed and costs or damages incurred by the RIBA/MYPA as a consequence of such a failure, these costs will be recovered from the entrant.

Expression of interest
Must be submitted by Monday 6th November to CLOSING DATE: All information must be uploaded by noon on Wedensday 8th November 2006, Please contact us on The exhibition will be held at CUBE in Manchester from Thursday 23rd to 28th November. For more information please contact Michelle Ferial Asadies: , visit or 

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