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Evolution of the Skyscraper CTBUH Annual Conference
Start Date 22/10/2009
End Date 23/10/2009
Location Chicago 
Country United States 
Description CTBUH 2009 Conference
Dates: 22 - 23 October
Venue: Illinois Insitute of Technology, Chicago, USA

Tall Buildings have enjoyed almost two decades of unprecedented development – built in greater number, height and geographical spread than at any time in history. That position is now under threat from the twin challenges of global climate change and a severe international economic recession. Many projects are being cancelled, put on hold or reducing their pace of moving forward as the recession tightens, and questions are increasingly being asked of the sustainable credentials of high rise, especially in light of some of the design excesses of the past decade.

We are at a unique juncture in time, where the global recession gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on what tall buildings have become, and where they should head into the future. Are they meeting the challenges of climate change in helping create more sustainable urban environments? Is it appropriate for a tall building to be used as an icon to project the vitality of a city or country on a competitive world business stage? Have the fundamentals of skyscraper conception, financing, design and construction been sound in the past 10 years of boom, or is there a need for reflection and change? Will the projects that have stopped or slowed, even at an advanced stage of construction, ever be realized? What will be the signs of recovery and what policies can cities and governments implement to aid recovery?


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