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Start Date 24/06/2009
End Date 27/09/2009
Location Munich
Country Germany
Description The issue of new architecture within a historical context has been intensively debated for years, however, in most cases with little method. The Viennese architects Christian Jabornegg and András Pálffy (office establishment in 1988) have been dealing with historical substance in a particularly analytical way. The architects neither want the isolated building nor the architectural design value to predominate, but ask for the context as a basic reference for any structural interference. They understand Building in context as a complex and differentiated interrelation of existing structures, development planning, architectural quality and constructive solutions.

Jabornegg & Pálffy’s designs are based on context-related surveys and analyses. They regard didactical models as decisive elements for the interpretation of spatial changes in a historical environment, since these clearly convey the different building phases and methods. In addition, these measures are specified with plans and images. With over 30 – didactically processed –models of 14 examples, such as the Museum Judenplatz (2000) in Vienna, the administration centre of Schoeller Bank, Vienna (2000) and the Stift Altenburg Museum (2007), the exhibition documents how this friction with a historical environment can generate new architectural complex solutions.

Architekturmuseum der TU München in der Pinakothek der Moderne:
Hilde Strobl M.A.
Arcisstraße 21 | 80333 München

URL www.architekturmuseum.de