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Ecological Urbanism Conference
Start Date 03/04/2009
End Date 05/04/2009
Location Harvard Graduate School of Design 
Country United States 
Description Ecological Urbanism Conerence - Alternative and Sustaibable Cities for the Future

With the aim of projecting alternative and sustainable forms of urbanism, the forthcoming conference will ask: What are the key principles of an ecological urbanism? How might they be organized? And what role might design and planning play in the process? While climate change, sustainable architecture, and green technologies have become increasingly topical, issues surrounding the sustainability of the city are much less developed. The conference is organized around the premise that an ecological approach is urgently needed both as a remedial device for the contemporary city and an organizing principle for new cities. An ecological urbanism represents a more holistic approach than is generally the case with urbanism today, demanding alternative ways of thinking and designing. The conference will bring together design practitioners and theorists, economists, engineers, environmental scientists, politicians and public health specialists, with the goal of reaching a more robust understanding of ecological urbanism and what it might be in the future. Keynote speakers are Rem Koolhaas and Homi Bhabha, in a discussion moderated by Sanford Kwinter. 

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