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Interieur 08
Start Date 18/10/2008
End Date 26/10/2008
Location Kortrijk Xpo 
Country Belgium 
Description Are you interested in innovative designs, new applications or the latest trends? INTERIEUR 08 and the new exhibition 'Design at Work' continue the debate about innovative design with a broad list of fascinating speakers and state-of-the-art subjects.

During ten days at INTERIEUR 08, you will be able to enjoy various lectures, workshops, debates and presentations. The central forum in Hall 4 and the main theatre offer an extensive programme, developed in cooperation with various partners. The Forum programme features, amongst others, Belgian designers Alain Berteau, Nedda El Asmar and Stefan Schöning. Joost Swarte (NL), Inga SempĂ© (FR), Michael Sheridan (USA) and Axel Enthoven (BE) also feature on the programme. A series of master lectures provides a fitting finale to your INTERIEUR 08 visit. German professor Michael Braungart talks about durability and his 'cradle to cradle' principle. You will learn about the work of French designer Erwan Bouroullec and Italian architect/designer Fabio Novembre, amongst others. Finally, Jan Kriekels (BE), the man behind Jaga, invites a number of young architects and engineers to join him in a debate about durability in the creative economy. 

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