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Start Date 04/10/2008
End Date 14/10/2008
Location Moscow
Country Russia
Description From 4 to 14 October 2008 first days of Architecture will be held in Moscow. The main idea of this event is public excursions to the most interesting architectural objects of the capital of Russia. Architects, developers and contractors will carry out such excursions to these and other places. Moreover, participants of the Days will go for bus tour to the most significant objects of modern architecture; besides, some campaigns attracting attention to the main problems will take place within the Days – it means preservation of heritage after industrial and soviet architecture. P- Arch Agency is an initiator of Architectural Days, Alexander Kuzmin, Moscow Chief Architect, and Viktor Logvinov, President of Union of Moscow Architects, patronized this event.
URL archidays.ru/?page_id=323