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Landscape Lessons
Start Date 03/05/2008
End Date 25/05/2008
Location Colonia at Renesso, Savignone (Genoa),
Country Italy
Description Landscape Lessons are a series of meetings, happenings, art exhibitions and temporary art installations that will be arranged at the Colonia at Renesso. The building is an example of the first Italian Rationalism, designed by the engineer Camillo Nardi Greco in 1933. It is located in the district of Savignone (Genoa) in the inland parts of Liguria. Since the XXth century it has been a well known resort. Landscape Lessons’s objective is to spread and excite a common culture starting with the definition the word landscape, with the belief that knowing it adequately makes it possible to establish a new and different relationship between disciplines, artefacts, reflections at the base of a contemporary culture. Therefore these Lessons are aimed to involve residents thoroughly by freely discussing information with architects, artists, curators, museum directors, geographer, photographers and writers.
URL www.archphoto.it