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  • Project Architect - Multi Residential & Mixed Use 

    Sydney | Australia

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    Doha | Qatar

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    Riyadh | Saudi Arabia

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    Singapore | Singapore

  • BIM Manager 

    Dubai | United Arab Emirates

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Agnese Sanvito: Absorb/reflect/scatter
Start Date 18/03/2014
End Date 26/03/2014
Location London 
Country United Kingdom 
Description Agnese Sanvito: Absorb/reflect/scatter, a photography exhibition focusing on the use of colour in architecture, will be on display at The Building Centre in London from 18 March.

Agnese Sanvito is an architectural photographer based in London. This selection from her portfolio focuses on the ways colour shapes our sense of buildings. At once unavoidable and yet also often seen as simply superficial, colour is an essential influence on our response to a building while also serving more practical functions.

These images demonstrate how colour is controlled and worked: as a solid pigment in a façade; a refraction of neighbouring light and forms; the variation and flux of a natural material weathering; projected light. The architectural photographer brings an added dimension to considering colour in building. The very act of making a picture interprets and comments on how the building performs with light. 

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