MONDAY 28 MAY 2018

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Start Date 07/10/2013
End Date 13/10/2013
Location London 
Country United Kingdom 
Description This October Gasket presents a new photographic exhibition curated around the theme of time, space and perception. The exhibition will feature 5 artists from distinct backgrounds and conceptual positions; Nancy Clemo, Diego Ferrari, Sally Hart, Arianna Lodeserto and Helen Saunders.

The work of these artists utilises a diverse range of photographic practices, from traditional film photography through collage, digital manipulation and computer visualisations.

Building on Gasket’s exploration of the role of context within exhibition space, Leap-Second will be exhibited in 2 different locations over subsequent weeks. The exhibition will be shown from 1-5 October in Marylebone and from 7-13 in Bermondsey, with grateful support from the Bermondsey Square Community Fund.

Time has an ability to be both precise and supple. It can define a moment, an era or an existence; it can be relative and absolute; it can be experienced collectively or individually, always describing our relationship with space, places and people, with nature and the city.

Despite its constant presence, the perpetual tick and tock, time has the ability to drift out of alignment. The leap second is a shift, a slight jump to realign our place within solar time. It might be so small that we don’t notice its introduction, yet it defines our place within a wider universe.

Photography has a unique ability to echo this duality. Its ability to both freeze and stretch a moment, to change our perception of the world around us, is at the heart of this exhibition. Each of the artists encourages us to experience space and relationships at a different velocity. They freeze and stretch, pulling apart and reconfiguring our understanding of the difference between what we see and what we perceive.

Leap-Second explores the in-between - those instants that might affect us unconsciously; it draws attention to moments that slip our notice, focusing our gaze on the relationships between time, space and perception.

01 - 05 October 2013
A and D Gallery
51 Chiltern St
London W1U 6LY

07 - 13 October 2013
Vitrine Gallery
First Floor, 183-185 Bermondsey Street
London SE1 3UW 

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