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Kamvari Architects: Visiting school
Start Date 04/09/2012
End Date 15/09/2012
Location Muscat 
Country Oman 
Description Oman has a careful approach to urban expansion which has so far proved successful, in light of recent events in the region. However its established model of development is increasingly being challenged by a range of factors – massive population growth, declining oil reserves, climate change, economic restructuring, changing lifestyles and an expansion of tourism. Key to resolving these challenges is the search for an environmentally and culturally appropriate architecture and urbanism.

The workshop will generate new architectural and urban solutions based on an investigation of patterns – which are seen as a means to translate the performance or appearance of historical structures into new concepts. Algorithmic thinking as well as advanced computational methods will be introduced and developed to support this design research. Proposals will also take into account issues such as manufacturing, assembly and constructability. The aim is to apply these solutions to various scales, from facades and buildings to cities and regions. 

URL www.aaschool.ac.uk
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