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Three Little Worlds at the AF
Start Date 24/06/2012
End Date 25/08/2012
Location London
Country United Kingdom
Description This Summer, for their first solo exhibition outside of North America, Chicago-based architecture practice Bureau Spectacular will transform The Architecture Foundation’s Project Space into an inhabitable installation and a graphic sequence of imaginary worlds, through the studio’s trademark mixture of built structure and cartoon.

Founded by emerging architect Jimenez Lai in 2008, Bureau Spectacular is a studio of architectural affairs, who describe their strategy as one of making 'absurd stories about fake realities that invite enticing possibilities'. Fascinated by the interplay between storytelling and building, absurdity and speculation, Bureau Spectacular weave architectural design and theory into comic strips that pop from the page into the real world as installations and small buildings.

Jimenez Lai commented on the exhibition: “This installation - Three Little Worlds - is a cartoonish blow up of a fragment inside the Cartoonish Metropolis. It is a comic book someone can walk into, a window into another reality.”

URL www.architecturefoundation.org.uk