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Re-Thinking Internationalization and IAU featured at Going Global 2012
Start Date 13/03/2012
End Date 15/03/2012
Location London 
Country United Kingdom 
Description IAU, working in partnership with the British Council’s Going Global Steering Committee, is coordinating the debate on internationalization that forms a central part of this Going Global 2012 (GG2012) (13-15 March, 2012, London, UK).

Chairing a Plenary session entitled: ‘Internationalization of higher education: who benefits who is at risk?’ on March 14, the IAU Secretary General will coordinate the deliberations of six Working Groups which will each address a set of questions on various aspects of internationalization such as:

- The concept itself;
- What is driving internationalization;
- The role of student mobility in the internationalization efforts;
- The extent to which internationalization is conducted in ways that are mindful of higher education’s global responsibility;
- Whether and how the process has acted as a catalyst for wider reforms at institutional and systemic levels;
- What may be some of the features of an internationalized university.

The Chairs of each these Working Groups will report back on the outcomes at the final substantive plenary of the conference on March 15. The Working Groups will meet twice during the conference and are expected to prepare practical responses to these challenges.

For more information about the Re-thinking Internationalization series of events at GG2012 please visit their website. For more information: 

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