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361° Conference
Start Date 06/03/2013
End Date 08/03/2013
Location Mumbai 
Country India 
Description Architecture shapes habitat. Human enterprise shapes architecture. There is no greater record of our history than what we have built.

Contemporary architecture is subject to unprecedented dialogue, evaluation and judgement. Technology has shrunk the global space and social media has ensured a constant cultural exchange. Knowledge is a commodity.

In the haze of ‘isms’, the mania of the virtual and a landscape of failed utopias, it is imperative to pause, relax and rethink the reason why architecture is relevant and what is relevant architecture? As communities continually negotiate their destiny in an increasingly global world, design becomes a reflection of the cultures they create. Then, is design just changing existing situations into preferred ones? or does it go beyond that? Why do some objects and some experiences move us?

Reason governs human enterprise but beyond reason, lies a hidden, intimate need to create, to investigate, to experience, to understand, to experiment and to pursue happiness. Does contemporary architecture and by extension design mange to provoke?

The sixth edition of 361° Conference will try and understand the ‘architecture of purpose’. 

URL www.361degrees.net.in
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